Can the Weather Really Aggravate Arthritis?

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Up to two-thirds of people with arthritis say their symptoms are affected by the weather, worsening in cold, damp weather. However, doctors have had trouble proving a link between joint pain and weather changes.

A 2003 study examining 154 osteoarthritis sufferers showed that women with osteoarthritis of the hand were more sensitive to the effects of humidity, temperature, and barometric pressure than men with the same condition. In 2007, researchers found that changes in barometric pressure and temperature affected the severity of pain, even if only slightly, in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Each 10-degree temperature decrease presented slight increases in knee pain.

Experts say that, though the studies seem to conclude that warm, dry weather is more comfortable for patients suffering from symptoms of arthritis, weather cannot alleviate the disease itself. If you have questions about your joint pain or would like to schedule an appointment, contact the orthopaedic doctors at Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists by calling 877-608-1414 or click here.