Basic Instructions: Immediately Following My Surgery

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After Your Surgery

After your surgery is completed, you will be cared for in the recovery area, where you will be closely monitored by the recovery nurses until you are deemed ready to go home or moved to your inpatient room. At the time of dismissal, the surgery center or hospital nurse will give you and your escort specific instructions regarding your home care.

You have the right to expect appropriate pain control. We may not be able to rid you of all your pain, but we can lower your pain to a level you can tolerate. Your doctor will write a prescription for pain pills for use at home. The surgery center or hospital does not fill your home prescription. You will need to be prepared to purchase your pain medication at your pharmacy of choice.

Returning Home After Surgery

Due to the use of anesthesia and/or narcotics, you may experience sleepiness, dizziness, or nausea. These are normal side effects, which may continue for 12 to 24 hours. Remember to drink plenty of liquids upon your return home.

Due to the symptoms you may experience after your surgery, please do not do any of the following activities for at least 24 hours after discharge, or longer if you are taking pain medications:

  • Drive and operate equipment or machinery
  • Sign important papers
  • Make significant decisions
  • Drink alcoholic beverages

The next business day following surgery, a nurse will call to check on you and to answer any questions you may have.

If you experience any problems or difficulties following your surgery, please call 888-660-2663.