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"Three years after an excellent rotator cuff surgery, I had recovered full strength and was thrilled. I lift weights, curl 120, incline press, triceps press 170, and so on.  About 4 months ago, I began to have a pain in the area that had been worked on previously. It was not possible for me to know exactly what was happening, so I returned to Dr. VanderWilde for an exam. He was complete and thorough in his evaluation. It was found that tendonitis was affecting the upper bicep area. So he prescribed medication and changes in exercises. With the addition of massages, I had no pain in three short weeks. I have returned to most of my previous poundages in the weights I use.  No problems.

The doc is just great, a really cool person, but REALLY knows what he is doing and will step out of the box if need be. I would recommend him to anyone who needed his medical talents." -- Roger L.

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