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"I had severe pain in my shoulder, which spread to my arm and hand, tingling in my fingers, on my right side. Dr. Tohmeh had an MRI done and determined there was a severely herniated disc between C6-C7 in my cervical vertebrae. It was pushed up against the back of my spinal cord, blocking the spinal fluid. He recommended physical therapy and steroid shots to the area to hopefully help push the disc in place and relieve pain. Nothing relieved the pain, although it subsided for about a year and returned with a vengeance. I opted for surgery at that time. The surgery was performed rather quickly once I opted for it and the healing seemed to take a while. But that is fairly normal. By the time the neck brace was removed, I was feeling much better. The tingling had nearly disappeared and there was no pain in my arm, shoulder, or neck. One thing I wanted to know was whether I could lift heavy weight again. Dr. Tohmeh said "why?" And I thought that was pretty funny but did appreciate the answer because there is no real reason to lift 200-pound desks again, which is fine. No sense risking another herniated disc or pinched nerve. Dr. Tohmeh was consistently informative, patient, and reassuring. His "bedside manner" was the best I've ever experienced by a medical doctor. He came highly recommended and I believe I made the right choice. His physician assistant, Robert Bazzano, was very professional and extremely helpful throughout the entire process as well. I would definitely recommend Dr. Tohmeh and Bob Bazzano." -- Steve F.

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