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"After walking on my hurt foot for almost two months, I made an appointment with Dr. Padrta.  He correctly diagnosed my foot as having a broken navicular break and placed a cast on the foot and leg.  After almost five weeks of no weight bearing on that foot, he found that no healing had begun. He and I agreed surgery involving a screw in the bone with a bone graft was the correct way to go. His surgery schedule was full for the remainder of the year (2013) yet he inserted me into his schedule and did the surgery three days later (early December).  So far, I've avoided any weight bearing on that foot. The pain has been minimal, using the recommended prescriptions.  I see Dr. Padrta's PA next week and hope to have a good report.

I appreciate his forthright approach and very much appreciate being taken care of in a timely manner.  I recommend him highly as I have already recommended Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists to friends." -- Don W.

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